Thursday, 26 August 2010

Uniform heaven

The final thing I have to say about Italy on this blog is about the uniform of the Carabinieri - a police division. I first spied them on the second day we were in Rome as we went to see the Pope. They looked so good! Their uniforms had just the right level of ceremony about them whilst still being practical - I could still see them handing out speeding tickets or whatever it is they do in them. Annoyingly I couldn't take any pics myself at the time but there are a few I found on google.

Their trademark is the red stripe down the trouser leg and the theme runs through. The cars and motorcycles of the officers also have a red lightening stripe along the sides. I fell majorly for how sharp these policemen looked. I came home and looked up the uniforms and found out they were designed my Armani! No wonder. How good must it be to wear Armani everyday?!

What really got me envious about the uniforms was the white bandolier they wear on the torso. They end in a very military looking leather purse type thing - but much more macho than that description. I desperately want one!

This is the type of uniform I can expect to wear when I finish med school - shapeless scrubs. What are the chances of Armani redesigning those?

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