Friday, 6 August 2010

Magpie Syndrome

 Ever since I was little I've been completely enchanted by anything that reflects light, to the point of once stealing a hairclip my parents wouldn't get me when I was 6 - sorry Gap! My parents got really mad and made  me give it back so my life as a shop lifter ended there, but I still get pangs of guilt everytime I go into Gap. Nevertheless, a good piece of jewellery is all it takes to make me act like a child desperate for a new toy again.

I've been having a massive bracelet craving this week and have been looking for something special on ebay. I found a gorgeous vintage Gruen gold bracelet that I was determined to win on. The bidding price with 5 minutes to go was £7.50 - a bargain! I let the clock count down to one minute and then pounced with my bid of £8. To my horror I was apparently immediately outbid, I carried on bidding but everytime someone beat me to it! I'm so disappointed to have lost the bracelet as I know I'll probably never see one quite like it again. I became somewhat attached to the bracelet before I had bought it and numerous searches on different sites have brought up nothing.

The only cure for my sadness over this is buying new jewellery....

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