Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Peace, love and ice cream

Last weekend I went to the Ben and Jerry's Sundae Festival with a friend. Think cone after cone of delicious ice cream, sunny Clapham Common, great music and fairground rides. It was pretty much my idea of what heaven would be. On top of this the entire event was climate neutral and fairtrade, with the motto being 'Peace, love and ice cream' The ice cream was unlimited and every Ben and Jerry's flavour was available. I planned to go through all the flavours I haven't tried. In the end though I kept to the flavours I always get - Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Strawberry Cheesecake, Baked Alaska and Phish Food. Along with several piece of their amazing Ice Cream Sandwich (served by witches!)

Found a horse on the carousel that had my name!

I hadn't heard of a lot of the bands playing earlier on in the day, but many of them were great, particularly Slow Club. Idlewild were brilliant. Scouting for Girls were headlining - I've never been much of a fan. All their songs sound exactly the same. It all melted into one giant song of repeated lines with very little depth to them about being in love with a generic beautiful girl. They had clearly tried to make the new material different, but there was something really cliche about it all. The new single, 'Everyone wants to be on TV', feels like a crappy version of Just Jack's'stars in their eyes'. Either way, I had a good time eating icecream and making fun of them and the screaming girls around us!

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