Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Creative Necessity

One thing I hate most about travelling is using public toilets. And hotel and restaurant bathrooms can be horrible too. In Italy we looked into some truly disgusting toilets (Note: Do NOT, under any circumstances use the McDonald's toilets in Venice Mestre Station). Last year my parents redid our bathroom and I went along to bathroom and tile stores with them. There was really very little that stood out as creative and different. I get that the whole sparkly white and clean look is attractive, and it certainly impressive when done well but why shouldn't we decorate our bathrooms with more care and personality like other spaces in our homes?

So with this in mind went in search of some inspirational bathrooms and founds some amazing ones:

at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Wisconsin

Sofitel Queenstown, Queenstown, New Zealand
Shoji Tabuchi Theatre, Missouri

I absolutely love the above bathroom - the women's ones have more fresh flowers and a water fountain whilst the men's have a billiards table and leather armchairs.

Bar 89, New York
 These bathrooms use liquid crystal technology to turn opaque when in use.

 And finally....

R-Bar, Brighton
These quirky urinals were originally installed by Virgin Atlantic into the bathrooms of the clubhouse in JFK but had to be removed because of the number of complaints. Whilst fun to look at I imagine they're a little off putting to actually use, but maybe R-Bar will see more success with them!

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