Saturday, 28 August 2010

Let them eat cake

I rarely pay attention to the ads running down the side of the facebook website. I'm not interested in insurance, finding singles in London or in bank accounts. However I think facebook and I have finally become more than just acquaintances and  it seems to really understand me now. It offered me free cake. It came in the form of an exhibition on this weekend in London called Cake Britain. Sponsored by Tate & Lyle the organisers say this is Britain's first edible art exhibition. Contemporary artists have been paired with leading 'cakeists' to produce works that are tasty and creative.

My kind of fast food
The best part of this cookie wall of Futureheads lyrics was the odd cookie that was missing here and there. As we walked round the gallery we saw a little old man leaving, sneaking with him a cookie from the wall.

If I ever get married I want a cake that looks like this
The idea is that by the end of the three days everything should be eaten. Along with the missing cookies we spied cupcakes with icing that had a finger had scraped off and a bite out of a meringue that was suspended from the ceiling. The exhibition ends tomorrow and is worth popping in to see. There is also supposed to be lots of free cake and treats but unfortunately it had all run out when we went - boo! I satisfied my cake craving later however with a trip to the Hummingbird Cafe.

Sorry for the pinkish tinge on the pictures, my camera is evidently seeing things through rose coloured glasses!

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