Monday, 2 August 2010

A Constructive Summer

I've never been one for summer. There is too much expectation to enjoy, to tan, to explore the world and come back a changed person. I would love to do all those things but I always seem to get to this point having achieved very little. So I am on my first ridiculously long summer from university and am yet to actually do much. At the midway point I'm starting to feel the pangs of guilt for all the time I have spent watching House and wandering aimlessly around town. And so I come to why I have decided to start this blog: to try and add my voice to the hundreds of thousands out there, and maybe actually do something with this summer.

And as for the name of the blog? Well, a friend has given me the nickname swishy and it is also the name of a song by my favourite band - The Hold Steady. The title post is also stolen from one of their songs. And there will no doubt be a post about them sometime soon!

Anyway, I'll leave my first post there. I hope it hasn't put anyone off already!

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