Sunday, 8 August 2010

All that glitters

This weekend has involved manic shopping for a holiday to Italy this week. We'll be going to Rome and then Venice and I am so excited for the sights and food! (Mostly the food) I'm trying to pack as lightly as possible to make the travelling between cities easier - I find this easy when it comes to clothes and shoes but am totally stumped when it comes to jewellery. I would quite happily take everything I own if I could find a way of storing and carrying it all. In narrowing it down though what I have realised is that there is so much jewellery that I wear rarely and then a few pieces that I wear almost daily.

I have a massive obsession with pocket watches as necklaces. The elephant necklace in the picture opens to a cute little clock. The market stall I bought it from had other cute animal watches - including little tortoises! My sister informed me recently that 'pearls are SO out of fashion' - but I still love these earrings. They make me feel elegant as soon as I put them on.

I got this Buckingham Bracelet on sale at Debenhams. I love the colour and delicate feel to the bracelet.

My friend was recently in Pakistan and got me this amazing necklace. She had one like it and saw that I really loved it - thanks Rani! Its so bright and a great statement to add to simple clothes. The bells on the end jingle with every step and the sound makes me really happy!

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