Friday, 6 August 2010

Safety first

One of the nicest things about starting university last year was that I began riding my bike properly everyday to get around the town. I bought a lovely old one with a wicker basket and called it Queenie.Whizzing down the hill my college is on each morning to lectures was one of the best parts of the day.

Since I've come home to London I'd been dying to get my bike out onto the streets again but Queenie had a flat. Everything is sorted now and I began riding again yesterday. It was terrifying! I'd forgotten how busy the roads get, all the different rules at traffic lights and how on earth do roundabout work?! Drivers are much more irate here and much more likely to pull dangerous stunts trying to overtake you. I've realised how important safety on a bike is in the city and thus I come to my point with this entry....the bike helmet.

I never wore my helmet in Cambridge (I know, I know I'm a bad person), reasoning that it was a mostly pedestrian town anyway and I'd be safe. But being back in London has made me realise how necessary bike helmets are - but they are so ugly! Please don't think I'm shallow, but I immediately feel 'dorky' when I wear mine.

Enter Yakkay cycle helmets. Their motto is 'brainwear for smart people' and their helmets are gorgeous. They have a very British classic look to them with no unsightly brightly coloured plastic.

Aren't they lovely? Unfortunately much more expensive than your regular bike helmet, but I think I'll be saving up for one of these! Until then, my terrifically uncool bright purple bike helmet it is...

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