Sunday, 22 August 2010

A museum in the making

I got back a couple of days ago from a holiday in Rome and Venice. I think often with holidays that you think of them more fondly once you get back. In last couple of days the bug bites, ridiculous heat and thousands of other tourists everywhere made me long for cold England, but now that I am back all I want to do is go back there!

Rome is a beautiful city. It seemed that around every corner was a beautiful square or monument or ancient ruin. There is something sad about a city that has passed it's glory days though. Maybe it was the time that we went at but the whole city seemed overrun with tourists, and all the people that worked there seemed to be doing jobs that supported this industry. It made me wonder what my own city would be like in a few hundred years. I'm fiercely proud of London but it is clear that Britain is at the end of its greatest era. The British Empire is over, the world is dominated by other nations and whilst London is still a thriving and alive city I can't help thinking that in a short while it will be another Rome - a picture of the past. But maybe I am reading a little too much into this, and should have spent more of my holiday enjoying all the wonderful things Italy has to offer!

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