Friday, 5 August 2011

New Beginnings

So here I am again! One year on, not wanting my summer to go to waste! Actually I am feeling  very unproductive this summer....mostly because everyone seems to be doing exciting or constructive things. Meanwhile my days seem to dissolve into walks and books and films. Not that those things aren't enjoyable! As ever, I love the idea of exploring London more this holiday. I have to say it's not my favourite season for the city. The picture above is from Regent's Park, of the Boating Lake. I took out a pedalo for an hour with my sister and it was glorious to the gliding along the water under the sunshine. It reminded me of being a kid and visiting Windsor with my Dad. As well as the castle and Legoland (!), you can also take boats out onto the River. You can go a lot further there than the small lake in Regent's Park and the river winds and meanders wonderfully.

A new find for me was Gate Picturehouse in Notting Hill. Not being from the area I had no idea about this beautiful cinema. It was such a welcome break from the Vue/Odeons that cinema has become linked with these days. There were even little tables for drinks and a few rows of 'love seats' for couples at the back.

Thursday, 16 December 2010


Coming home is always so hectic - packing seems to never end and my family are always late when coming to pick me up. But getting back to the house is such a wonderful feeling. It's become a bit of a ritual for my friend Anya and I to visit Leong's Legends in Chinatown when we get back from uni. Often that trip will be my first one of the holiday into town. The first time we went was after our last ever school exams, followed by a trip to Ben and Jerrys (We party hard). That summer I went back time and time again with family and friends. Their soup dumplings are so good, I could happily just eat those on every visit! Sadly service is oftern rushed and they can be a little hostile, which is a shame because the food is so yummy! Anyway, I keep vowing to talk about something other than food on this blog....but it just isnt happening yet!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Back! And will update properly soon. But for now, am totally in love with this song:

Friday, 19 November 2010

Breakfast like a king

I never seem to have time for breakfast anymore. It's probably because I get up for my 9am lectures at 8.25. Last weekend however I felt the definite need for a slow and relaxed morning, with a proper breakfast. So I made these amazing smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with bagels. They were soooo creamy and the perfect start to a sunday morning after a hectic week. Replacing some of the milk with a splash of double cream added to the lovely texture. A glass of orange juice and my favourite seat by the window which overlooks an apple tree made for a very relaxing morning!

Also, this blog is become increasingly food dominated. I promise that I do more at university. Well, maybe not.

Sunday, 7 November 2010


One of the biggest selling points of living in a house out of college this year was having an oven. Today I finally made proper use of it by baking a cheesecake! I got the recipe from the blog Coco and Me. It's written by Tamami who has a stall at Broadway Market selling chocolates and cakes. I've not been yet but the pictures on her blog make them seem to die for. She pays so much attention to presentation and everything looks mouthwatering. The recipe is totally fool proof, I just replaced the lemon juice she suggests with vanilla. Nom nom nom!

She uses cookie cutters to emboss her cheesecakes. Choosing between the different animal shaped cookie cutters I had was a difficult decision but in the end I went for giraffe!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Friday I'm in love

Things that made this week bad:

1) New tuition fees
3) Essays, past papers and a test to revise for
4) Not speaking to my sister all week
5) Snapping one of my favourite necklaces

Things that made it a little happier:

1) Mocha dessert *drool*
2) Making up the lack of contact with my sister with an hour long checkers tournament over Skype
3) Going to Dojo's with 2 of my favourite people and eating yummy noodles
4) Golden autumn leaves
5) The Hold Steady announcing a UK tour!

Have a lovely weekend!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

A little comfort

Whenever someone is ill or upset my friend Chris' first response is 'Would you like a cup of tea?'. Usually I find this amusing and so undeniably British but I really don't think there is anything as comforting as a big mug of milky tea. Except maybe chocolate. Yesterday was a long and grey day and I'd been missing home a lot more than usual. The colder weather and lectures and practicals form 9-5 at the end of what felt like a year long week left me feeling ready to burrow into my duvet and not emerge until July. One chocolate pudding and a cup of tea later though life looked a lot happier!

Excited for halloween!