Thursday, 28 October 2010

Maybe it's because

Oh no it's been over a month since my last post. Probably lost the few people that did read it, but I'm gonna try and get it back on track again. Have been at uni for the last month. Fresher's week seemed much more fun as a second year not worrying about filling in millions of forms and making friends. But now that work has set in and we're about halfway through term I find myself craving London. I even miss taking the tube and the wave of satisfaction when I go back for the holidays and go into town. The masses of people from every corner of the earth, the hundreds of different languages that you hear on the streets, every form of food you can imagine and the historical and the modern coming together. As a kid my Dad used to drive me around the city a lot when he was looking after me for the holidays and had errands to run and I would sit, neck straining to take in all the sites - the monuments and neat elegant town houses with splashes of red everywhere in the form of buses and telephone boxes. It's a city that has been through so much, that has been a beacon of hope and opportunity for so many and I miss it! Thanksfully going home this weekend for a couple of days so should be less homesick soon!

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