Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Face palm

I seem to be an embarrassment magnet - not only do I trip/stumble/fall over my own feet several times everyday but there are so many 'Why me?!?!' moments I have lost count. This morning I was getting my hair highlighted in a salon in Westfields when the fire alarm decided to go off. The hair dresser had just combed out my hair so that it looked like a massive mane/birds nest/humongous ball of frizz and had put foils in. We were ordered to evacuate and out I went with my ridiculous hair wearing those black capes they put around you that are really glorified bin bags. All I could do was pray that no one who knew was there.Horrifying though it was to me, it did seem to provide some amusement to the disgruntled shoppers and staff who had their days interrupted!

I'm never sure of the graceful way to deal with embarrassing situations, the best I can do is try and laugh it off!

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