Thursday, 16 December 2010


Coming home is always so hectic - packing seems to never end and my family are always late when coming to pick me up. But getting back to the house is such a wonderful feeling. It's become a bit of a ritual for my friend Anya and I to visit Leong's Legends in Chinatown when we get back from uni. Often that trip will be my first one of the holiday into town. The first time we went was after our last ever school exams, followed by a trip to Ben and Jerrys (We party hard). That summer I went back time and time again with family and friends. Their soup dumplings are so good, I could happily just eat those on every visit! Sadly service is oftern rushed and they can be a little hostile, which is a shame because the food is so yummy! Anyway, I keep vowing to talk about something other than food on this blog....but it just isnt happening yet!

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